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            Zhejiang Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise,which focuses on research,development and manufacture of senior precision instruments and grain store facilities.We have divided our independent research and development products into ten categories including wheat and flour,oil and comprehensive,grain and rice,water and grinding,seeds and agricultural,food and chemical ,near infrared analyzer, grain storage equipment and so on according to the latest national standards on testing and processing equipments.

            In August 2008.we successfully developed the first "Near infrared grain ingredient analyzer" using for foodstuff and appointed to be "executive director of the council of Institute of China National Cereals, Oils Quality Inspection and Research Association" selected by "China Grain and oil quality and Oil Quality Inspection Institute of China National Cereals research branch“ in November,2009.At the same time,our company is the only private enterprise participate in this general assembly on developing grain instrument.We have passed ISO9001:2008Quality management system certification in April 2010, and became manufacturing enterprises on special equipments checking for National Food Autority in 2011.

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