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            Enterprise mission: become a key force in support of national and international professional food detection instrument industry.

            Enterprise vision: become a high-tech food detection instrument world class enterprises.

            Service concept: customer demand is the goal and direction of our work.

            Core values:

            Learning, growth

            Learning to grow, innovation can leap, learning innovation. Bethlehem the "evergreen", is the enterprise continual learning process, beyond their own, overload and others. The establishment of the learning organization, learning topics including managers and all staff; learning objects are partners or competitors. Only have never meet the spirit of learning, can have not stop innovation and sustained growth momentum.

            Thanksgiving, sharing

            Gratitude and sharing is the company to become the cornerstone industry pioneer fly forward. Thanksgiving is a kind of responsibility, self-reliance, self-esteem and the pursuit of a spiritual realm of life. Thanksgiving will need to learn tolerance, undertake to pay, to understand the return. Bethlehem should assume corresponding social responsibility, to create wealth for the customer, share the inheritance with employees, and social harmony, sharing success with partners and industry colleagues, sharing space.

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