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            Name:Electric type BLH-6000
            PRODUCT DETAILs

            Product Introduction
            This product is suitable for a variety of seeds, food, feed precision decimation. Motorized sampler and sample accurately within seconds, especially for small particles crops.
            Technical parameters
            1. Min Injection volume: 200-1500g
            2. Motor power: 25W
            3. Motor speed: 0-1440r / min continuously adjustable
            4. Sub-sampling error: less than ± 0.5% per kg
            5. Dimensions: 300 × 300 × 550mm
            6. Weight: 25kg
            7. Voltage: 220V 50Hz
            1. Decimation speed motor drives the feed hopper bottom of the rotary movement of the aluminum plate was centrifuged, and the complete decimation rapid and uniform mixing process
            2. Refined aesthetic appearance, chrome plated, rust and corrosion
            3. Decimation precise, one sub-sample accuracy up to ± 0.5%, to make up for the traditional gravity type decimator need decimated many of the deficiencies
            4. Sleek interior design, to ensure that no residual internal sample
            5. Speed adjustable, you can adjust the appropriate speed according to different seed
            6. Especially suitable for small particles of grain to make up for the traditional sub-sampler seed use different specifications of different instruments inconvenience

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