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            Name:Grain moisture test crushing mill BLH-5700
            PRODUCT DETAILs

            Product Introduction
            This product complies with GB / T21305-2007 "Cereals and cereal products - Determination of moisture conventional method", ISO 712: 1998 "cereals and cereal products - Determination of moisture pulverizing equipment requirements" is a designed for testing grain moisture disc-milling mill grinding test sample. The thickness of the sample depends on the distance between the grinding ground between the disc spacing adjustable sample is chopped between the serrated discs and collected in a plastic sample cup. The product can also be grinding various grains and beans and other crops.
            Technical parameters
            1. Disc Diameter: Φ80㎜
            2. Grinding capacity: 300g / min
            3. Working noise: <68dB
            4. Adjustment stalls: 20 files
            5. Ground sample moisture range: ≤18%
            6. The volume of the collecting container: 100g
            7. Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ
            8. Power: 750W
            9. Grinding drizzle degree: 98% of the sample pulverized by ф1.0mm screen
            More than 90% of the sample pulverized by ф0.5mm screen
            More than 80% crushed sample through a 40 mesh screen

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