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            Name:Wheat hardness index BLH-1100
            PRODUCT DETAILs

            Product Introduction
            This product is developed GB1354-2008 "wheat", GB / T21304-2007 "wheat hardness index hardness testing method" and other national and industry standards on request. Mainly the use of soft and hard wheat have different principles against mechanical crush strength, namely: under the conditions specified in easy to use hard wheat powder, characteristic soft wheat sample pulverized into powder easily, the samples remain in the sieve quality ratio of the total mass of the sample is calculated hardness of wheat.
            Technical parameters
            1. Measurement accuracy: wheat hardness index standard sample, the nominal value of error ≤ | 1.5 |
            2. Assay coefficient of variation (CV): not more than 2.4%
            3. Rated output: 25g / Lot
            4. Operating voltage: AC220V (1 ± 10%)
            5. Working current: 2.5 A
            6. Frequency: 50 (1 ± 2%) Hz
            7. Ambient temperature: 5-45 ℃
            8. Relative humidity: ≤ 90%

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