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            Name:8988Moisture Analyzer
            Model:8988Moisture Analyzer
            PRODUCT DETAILs

            Product Introduction
            According to the product with the domestic and foreign more than 20 different grain moisture measurement standards and reference and at the same time improve the original moisture analyzer features a number of new moisture measurement density and temperature and other simple new features.
            The product is mainly suitable for testing and measuring grain purchasing and storage time, but also can be used for teaching colleges.
            Technical parameters
            1. Measurement object: food and other non-metallic particulate sample
            (See "variety, and code table")
            2. Measuring range: 0-40%
            3. Measurement error: ≤ ± 0.5% (mainly moisture range)
            4. Measuring time: ≤10s
            5. Repeatability error: ≤0.2%
            6. Bulk density measurement error: ± 5g
            7. Ambient temperature: 0-40 ℃
            8. Display: Backlit LCD digital display highlighted
            9. The object weight range: 100-200g
            10. Allow the object height: 0.5cm cone below the measuring cylinder

            1. In the display the weight of food and non-metallic particulate sample status, it can display the sample temperature;
            2. The use of environmentally friendly design, the clear power-saving LCD, multi-point calibration and error correction operations, reading and easy to carry;
            3. Product electronic components using high-density, high-reliability chip components imported production, while increasing performance, internal structure space-saving components installed;
            The mechanical part through careful selection and careful processing, the unique exterior colors, so looks more new, beautiful;
            5. This product also has a simple operation and system settings, high accuracy, fast measurements and other features and advantages.

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